Live Freely


Live Freely

Why is it that we hold ourselves back? Why is it that this concept of living freely is so challenged and hard to accept? Do we not believe that we can tap into this notion of living freely? Is there a part of you yearning for a free life? Not free in a sense that life is a walk in a park, but living with no constraints-living openly and expressive. 

We should live in a way where we are living freely! A way that we are going after what we love, striving to reach for more, following our heart, and doing what makes us happy and ignites our soul-a way in which we are not held back mentally or physically. We are breaking free of any mental barriers such as limit or boundaries-we become boundless and limitless in the pursuit. We are fearless, expressive, and move to the rhythm that plays on our heart. We move elegantly, knowing that whichever way we step is guided and pushing us climb higher. 

Living freely is a state of mind, but ultimately a lifestyle. We are pushers of society, risk takers, and free souls. Love inspires us. It is this feeling of being able to be with Spirit and Matter. It is to have fun and openly reveal our true self.  Life can be expressive and heightened to our aspirations. 

Therefore, do not live a life that is not in line with your purpose or desires. We can obey our duties and still experience our hearts song. You can move about with confidence and freshness knowing that Life is Divine yet accepting to anyone.  The road to free living is not far fetched or fairytale but here and possible.  It is a true expression of living out the life you love.  


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