I recently had the opportunity to speak in Michigan, and what I spoke about was of vital importance. It was the idea of finding out your true purpose. Andrew Carnegie calls it “Definiteness of Purpose”. It is the process of identifying exactly what you want in life and committing to it. As easy as it sounds, sometimes it’s hard to really sit down and figure out what it is you want. Most young adults and parents do not know exactly what they want and because of that drift in life longing for a purpose, a block that can fill their life. They do not live to acquire or become that which they love. They seek or yearn for that purpose.  However, the first step that anyone should partake in is setting out a purpose, a vision, or compass for where you want to head.  You see, our purpose should inspire us, gives us life, and essentially motivate us to continue to strive become more of ourselves and to those around us. 

One of the beautiful things about creating a purpose is that we have an imagination that allows us to literally bring the future to the present. We have the ability to create the reality we want mentally. Thomas Troward calls it building a spiritual prototype. We are able to build this world that is real and not only that build a world in which we desire. Additionally, our mind only operates in the now and you operate in the now! So once we build the image and put forth a plan, we must move toward that end result. But the importance is deciding on what exactly it is you want not only for yourself but for others. How can we improve our life but in the same sense improve the lives of those around us?  What service are you providing, that’s the real question. And not only that, how can you continue to bring value to the workplace?

So as you take the time to discover what your purpose is, (and your purpose may change as you mature) make sure that it aligns to your motives or major aim in life. For example, speaking and inspiring others fit into my mold. My motives were freedom (to express myself as well as be free financially), family, travel, and recognition. Beyond that included humanitarian and philanthropic work. All of these fit within the umbrella of speaking and inspiring. So ask yourself, what it is that YOU want? What is it that you truly desire? Define that first! We must have a compass or direction and know where we are going before we depart. If we have no target, how can we ever arrive?  Live Purposely.


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