What does an ideal community look like to you? Is community an important factor in your life? I want you to really think about that, because in today’s world the idea and word community is becoming more prevalent than ever. We need strong, upbeat, and forward thinking communities to not only uphold our so-called neighborhoods and counties, but also to demonstrate guidance, service, and leadership for generations to come. Communities build sound foundations for social, diplomatic, and recreation richness. And as a community we take on the responsibility to maintain what we have but also to improve our current environment in which better outcomes may arise and benefit the families, businesses, and workers of the area. Therefore, it is imperative that we come together as One regardless of race or nationality to strengthen our mind, body, and souls but to create a lasting effect that will enrich and propel the people onward and upward toward a mindset of support and fulfillment. We create the change we want to see and until we break the chains of duality between one another we will remain in a jostling match of superiority. We are all One, we are not fractions of the whole and can develop a bond where there is a consensus agreement to benefit all. To create a greater good, we must be on the same page and to be in unison takes patience, listening, and group initiative.


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