3 Questions to Ask Yourself

plane-841441_1920– 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. What do you Want?

What is it that you truly desire? I am not talking about a fast car, jewelry, or any other materialistic item. What I am getting at is what is it that brings you satisfaction in Life? We have to start looking at where we are, and ask ourselves where do I want to be? What do I want to do? I mean really want to do! In most instances, people may ponder on the thought or have somewhat of an idea but find it difficult to pinpoint that specific thing. If you feel yourself in that boat, here is some advice.

What To Do: Make a shopping list of what you want to do in life. List everything that you think you may want. Narrow it down to one to three things. Ask yourself, is this something I would love doing everyday? Don’t worry about the money, other people’s opinion, or any other random thought that may come across your mind. Focus on what brings you happiness and fulfills the purpose you seek.

Another option: Write out the way you would want your life to be. Write your own script! When you’re doing this be very descriptive about where you live, how you are living, how you feel, appear, etc. Get into the feeling of it. You want to paint the picture as vivid as possible. Once you have wrote out the way you would want to live, read your script everyday. Read it and make strides toward living the way you imagine.

  1. Why do you Want it?

 Now that you have figured out what you desire and truly want. Ask yourself, why do I want it? What is the reasoning behind it? What is the cause for what you want? This is an important question to ask. That reasoning can fuel you to move into action and get the results you are seeking. The WHY is the basis or core of why you are doing what you are doing and can keep you on track when you may want to give up. The Why must be bigger than YOU. Find that why and get emotionally involved with it. You’ll find your way.

  1. Are you willing to sacrifice?

 Most people think sacrificing is a bad thing or may have a negative connotation toward the idea. However, you are simply giving something up of a lower nature to receive something of a higher nature (whatever that may be). The last question you have to ask is, am I willing and open enough to let go of a few things to move ahead. This may involve you letting go of certain habits to focus in on your goal or want. The key thing to remember is are you willing. Are you willing to do what you have to do to get what you don’t have or know? If you are, then make way and start moving toward you want with confidence.



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