5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day

coffee-2306471_19205 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day


  1. Getting up Earlier: Now, I know you may not be a morning person, but understand the advantage(s) by getting your day started even just an hour earlier than usual! You are able to accomplish more in that day. By 6:00am our day is a quarter of the way over. Waking up one-hour earlier grants you seven hours per week to invest in any activity you desire. I mention this, because Time is our biggest asset. The earlier you awake, the more you are able to maximize your hours in a day. Take control of your day. Test it out for yourself!


  1. Exercising: The health and wellness industry is an ever-growing field that continues to attract people alike. Exercising is a vital element to your growth as a person and can elevate the way you feel as you start your day. Get into habit of exercising not only your mind, but also your body for the fulfillment and necessary detox of congested worries. Use exercise as an outlet to let go and feel refreshed. It does not have to be long, but the idea of Doing is the important part.


  1. Read: Look at reading as studying or growing your mental comprehension. It is said, “the person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be the calling” (Napoleon Hill). Reading can raise your mental awareness and help you with gathering a better understanding of desired subjects. Pick up a book, preferring a self-help book, something that you can learn from and gain value to then apply to your life. This is where you can reach new heights and self educate yourself. Knowledge is confidence, but applied knowledge is power! Read on.


  1. Meditate: There are many benefits supporting the idea of meditating (those of which I will not go into at this time), but use mediating as a volt to build your imagination and the paint the life you envision. Find a quiet place in your home, workplace, or any other room that is suitable and simply relax. Our subconscious mind is powerful, and with that being said what you envision is in the Now. Our subconscious does not know the difference between the truth and a lie. Dig into the idea of seeing yourself already there. Get into the Feeling! Take your time, but it will come to you. Try it for yourself.


  1. Gratitude: This is the most important of all five steps. Each day write out what you are Grateful for. Make a list and really feel it. “Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bring more of what you want into your life. Be grateful for what you already have and you will attract more good things” (The Secret). Gratitude shifts your thinking, and shifting your thinking switches you onto a different level. Always be in the state of gratitude.



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