What does this mean to you? Well, we often here development through corporate verbiage or work programs. We are passively told it is something we should do if we want to further our careers. Additionally, if you play sports you may hear coaches or parents talk about developing their kid’s skills. To increase their chances of playing time or earning a colligate scholarship development is encouraged. Essentially no matter where we are, no matter what industry we work in, development is heard and understood. But as I asked you earlier, what does Development mean to You? How do you see development and how does it paly a role in your life? It’s something worth thinking about as you move along.

I believe with an ever-changing society, the word development can be attached to a variety of things. But I also believe, we all know its purpose and it implies growth. It implies elevating our results and tapping into a new realm of expertise, experience, and skill sets. With all this being said, the important thing to remember is that development is a choice! And not only that, development has a more personal meaning to it. You see, I look at development as something we all should partake in. Whether that’s improving our career, relationships, businesses, or personal life. Development is always a “Me” thing.

Now, why is this so important and worth our time to discuss? If you’re not inclined to this idea of developing then that’s a great question to ask. However, if you are someone who understands the benefits of developing yourself, you see the bigger picture! In my own words, its important because the more we grow, the more we enhance our abilities, the more we live a more fulfilled life. We continue to reach levels of accomplishment and build a stronger framework to move forward from.

You may be asking, well what do you do to develop? There are a few things, but I believe one of the most impactful and worthwhile steps you can do to increase your development is reading! Yes, reading! Growing up, I was never a huge reader and if so it wasn’t productive reading. But what reading can do for you is magical. And when I say reading, I mean reading intentionally, reading to grow not for simple entertainment. Till this day, I select very intentional books that will not only enhance my life but will give me a better understanding about others.

Here is a list of a few:

  • The Hidden Power by Thomas Troward
  • Rays of Dawn by Dr. Thurman Fleet
  • Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard
  • You Are The Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispensa

Now, I do not expect you to understand and dive into these books I have listed above but these are a few that I have read and continue to read to better understand them.

The key to it all is studying! To improve, to develop, we have to put in action. But at the same, we have to study. As an athlete, we have to study the game, our opponents and ourselves. In business, we have to study trends, the market, and past results on how to be more efficient, more productive. And in life, we have to study our results, we have to look at what we are doing, and write down ways on how to get better and move in that direction. Whatever it is that you are doing, realize studying will be a key step in your own development. Not only will it be key, but also it is almost mandatory for permanent change. As the great Bob Proctor states, “Studying is like taxes, no one wants to do it”.

So what can we do moving forward? To keep things simple:

  1. We can decide on why we want to development and what is it that we want to development.
  2. Make it personal. Your growth in life is not a race but a journey of pulling more of you that you haven’t realized that is there.
  3. Pinpoint a method of development. I suggested reading due to its benefits and what it can offer if you take it seriously.
  4. Lastly, have fun with it all! You may be tested or challenged from peers, bosses, and yourself as you develop but focus on the good and know the purpose behind it all.


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