I frequently find myself asking individuals that I sit down with, “What do you want to experience?” What is it that you truly want to do? Are you living a life worth experiencing? That’s the key thing: EXPERIENCE. Now, I am sure you’re aware that I am not referring to the experience that is required for a job or the experience you have had in a certain field of work. I am highly focused on the experience of Life and expressing yourself in a way that is conducive to your heart. I want to dig deep into what keeps you moving and what is it that you want to do in life. I want you to open up about your inner calling. So what does it mean to experience life and what does it mean to experience? Two great questions we can ask ourselves.

First off, the world experience comes from the latin word experiri, which means “Try”. As the etymology has evolved into more modern terms, there have been a variety of meanings, but one that I quickly accept is the idea of “feeling” or “encountering”. The word “feeling” breaks down to a sensation or understanding (of something). Furthermore, when you combine these two instances you give birth to this after effect of trying or risking to live out an experiment, a way of life that delivers a level of satisfaction and happiness. That’s a wild an idea isn’t it? For some it may be thrilling and for others it may sound like a big jump, but whatever the case may be experiencing a life of fulfillment is universal.

Secondly, we come to this idea or pit stop of experiencing life. And well, even though there are many ways I could explain what it means to experience life that is solely up to you! We live in a world where perception is what “divides” us but it is our free will that puts us back together in a sense that we are able to choose what it is that we want. Now, my attempt to provide an adequate answer may be challenging but I will do so anyway. Experiencing Life is an interwoven, explosive, and interesting concept. To me, experiencing life and while doing so living a life that aligns to your purpose, heartbeat, and spirit is complete. I look at this from a very broad perspective, because I believe what you do should ring loudly-it should portray how you feel and be expressive! It is letting go of all societies ideals of what you should do and doing what is adventurous to your soul. Doing what is fulfilling, loving, and something that ignites you to walk a path of spiritual (or holistic) freedom. What is at the core of your soul? What is that inner voice saying to your consciousness? What is that “thing” you want to do that you continue to suppress? Is there a level of true fulfillment? Are you following your heart or another path due to social norms and acceptance? Is there more in you that you feel you want to release? Really think about these questions.

There is always something we “want” in life. Some may argue that we can never be truly happy, but I’d beg to differ because when we let go and go to the core of life, tap into simplicity, and discover what life is we stumble upon the cave of enlightenment. We lose all externalities of ego. And why am I mentioning this? Because, there is a degree of satisfaction that we have to discover when we attempt to truly experience life. That satisfaction is what we move toward, it is at the base of what we long for.

If you’re asking, is it too late to experience life? I’d say its not, because we have the opportunity and power within us to switch our lives course just as we switch on a light in our bedroom. We can redirect our sails. But what is required of us is to define what experiencing means to us-how do we see our path and does this path meet us spiritually and do we meet up with it fully?

As I explained earlier, this can be tricky topic but if we face it head on and dig beneath the surface we are able to see it for what it really is. We are able to open the gates of reality and figure out our true essence of livingness and how we want to experiment with it. A wonderful quote I read from (16personalities.com) states, “It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for- and if you dare to dream of meeting your hearts longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool- for love- for your dreams- for the adventure of being alive.” And that’s what experiencing life exemplifies! Living to be alive and active in the pursuit of your hearts desire-to pursue that adventure that has always been there.


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