Why saying Hello isn’t a bad thing

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Why saying Hello isn’t a bad thing

Hello! See it’s not that bad.

Well, today we live in such a fast paced world, technology is forever growing and picking up speed, people are becoming less emotionally involved. Yet through it all people still remain. And furthermore, people are what drive society, businesses, and communities. With that being said, communication is key! We’ve all heard the phrase, “communication is everything” And I’d be inclined to agree. So why is saying hello not a bad thing? Well, there are a variety of reasons but as I discuss in my upcoming book Steps Worth Taking I dive into the importance of networking. I also, talk about why networking is so vital in today’s age.

Say Hello. Why is this one word so important and open doors of possibility? Well from my own experience, the word Hello has done various things in my life and I am sure it has done some wonders on your end as well. It opens a line of communication between you and the person you intend to communicate with. But it also, allows you to tap into their world and learn more about who he or she is. You begin to build a path of rapport and trust as you begin to share insights, experiences, and similarities. There is a connection that begins to show itself. And as this happens, more and more exciting things begin to unfold. For example, you may discover that you share the same friends, want to start a business venture together, provide a work recommendation, or connect he or she with someone who can help them further their career. Whatever happens, there is an imprint that is left. Either you added value or the person you are communicating with did-and sometimes you both do. But the key thing to remember is that, it all started with saying hello! It is the start of possibilities.

Now, I am not saying every conversation will be valuable, awesome, and end with some guaranteed results, but what I am saying is that it can be and it can transform into something worthwhile. Each encounter may not be beneficial personally but it does add to the equation of Life and can lead to something or someone that can help if needed. You see saying “Hello” is bigger than just being nice, especially if you think we live in a mean world. It’s about giving value and giving yourself an opportunity to meet a new person, engage with them, and potentially enhance your situation.

We should never be afraid to say hello to someone due to their clothes, credentials, skin color, or whatever else reasoning that may come about. We are all human beings when we break it down to the simplest form. And we all for the most part enjoy a genuine line of communication. It’s okay to speak up in a society where it may be frowned upon or where you don’t want to intrude. You never know what can happen and living in fear of saying hello does more damage to yourself than the person you want to contact. I challenge you to say hello and watch will happen.

Overall, know that saying hello isn’t bad. It can lead to many things and can open new doors for you. You can meet a new friend, earn a new job, or acquire an asset in that individual. Whatever the case may be, understand that in today’s world it’s still okay to say hello and genuinely get to know another person. Human connection is huge and is what pushes us forward whether for egotistical reasons, self-care, or general relationships in life. It is the connection that resonates with us all. We want to feel apart and noticed. So as you step out to work, to grab coffee, or run a few errands remember say hello to at least one person. All is possible.



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