Continuation is A Must

continuationContinuation is A Must

Why is it that you want to give up? What makes you want to stop? To throw in the towel and say forget it? What is it? We all hit a phase in our life where the easiest route and least resistant one is to quit. To simply call it quits and go back to whatever it was we were doing before. Our vision becomes clouded and our heart weak. We look for help and answers, but we constantly have the idea of quitting playing on the big screen of our mind.

And you know what? THAT’S OKAY. There have been plenty of times where, I myself have wanted to give up. Yet, there comes a time of self reflection, a self-interrogative process, and asking of why did I start. What is my purpose in this? You see, the idea of quitting isn’t the issue nor is it bad. We are human and when we are struck with adversity, hardships, or failures our mind naturally wants to get rid of the pain and doing so in the least resistant way. As a former collegiate athlete, my teammates and I would be pushed, encouraged, and yelled at to continue to move. “Keep pushing! “One more! “ “Again!” These phrases were a norm and even though they at times were annoying, they were words of encouragement. We were training our minds (and body) to become stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. And through it all, the significance was to develop a thinking of continuation, perseverance, and mental toughness.

So how does this relate to you and your life? Well, as I have mentioned and I am sure we can agree upon is that we’ve all had thoughts of quitting! But more importantly, we’ve all been met with a decision of whether to forge ahead or close shop. And this is where it relates to us all. In life, we are all dealing with our own problems, challenges, mishaps, etc but what we do with them and how we move ahead is what separates us all. Even more so, and on a deeper level, we are either growing or dying. And what I mean by this is, we are either moving forward (positive) or not moving at all or regressing (negative). Our lives, our state of being, and mind never stops. All is in motion, however we choose which direction we want to go.

Now, to the meats and potatoes of this blog-continuation is a must because without a sense of movement, a want to progress, or spark of more we set ourselves up for merely nothing. We remain where we are. There is no growth, no expansion, and no area of progression. How can we ever reach our goal(s) without pushing, finding new ways, and remaining persistent? A great question to ask yourself, “If I quit now, what then?” Of course you could dive into a new field, try something new, or remain where you are, but as Eric Thomas puts it, why not go through the hell now so you can arrive in heaven? Receive your reward for endeavoring to move along! There are many life lessons, principles, and learning experiences you acquire by endeavoring to live the life you desire.

Continuation is not just a must, but I believe it is prerequisite and standard for us all to achieve anything worthwhile. We must continue to fight for what we love, for what we want, and for a better life. And it does not matter about how long it takes, but the importance is in your daily progress of improvement. It is the importance of elevating your life, your skill set, and the person you are becoming. Continuation is not some tiresome idea of overworking, but it is an idea of constant movement. A belief of improvement and a mindset of completion till the end. Continuation is bigger than being the best or working the hardest per say, but the essence of it all is to steadily move in the direction of your goal. Because if we don’t, how can we ever arrive? There are no shortcuts to success or achievement, but there is work and there are continuous steps of Faith, Persistence, and Boldness. Continue to move, continue to learn, and continue to be you.



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