You Never Know


You Never Know

Possibility. What comes to your mind when you hear that word? Hope? Inspiration? Potential? Think about it. Because, as we move along in our lives there is a feeling that there is more we can do. There is more we can accomplish, be, and give to humanity. You see, according to Google possibility means “a things that may happen or be the case” or “the state or fact of being likely or possible”. Yet, how does this relate to your Life? Do you believe there is a likelihood that things could change? Things can improve for the better? I believe they can! Now, I know we all run into bad times, current circumstances are not favorable, or we cant catch a break. Yet, if we flip our thinking and see that this or that circumstance is not permanent. It’s not a forever thing, but a process and one that will end. Then, how would we approach life? Knowing there is possibility, there is a way and will to move on but to move onto a better living. And that anything can happen.

It easy to lose the hope, to believe we are incapable, or not worthy enough. But ask yourself, WHY? Really dig deep and ask your true self. Ask your being why am I limiting myself? And my possibility? Start there…

There is always more we can do. Not in the sense that we are overworking ourselves, but in the sense that we are more powerful, more able, and created to stretch our livingness in the direction of our will. We are constructed in such a unique way that what is possible is here and sometimes we have to let go of our blurry vision. We have to see that we are all different individuals, but the source we use is all the same. Possibility is within you. It always has been and will be.

So, we can never really put a definite “that’s not possible” tag on our future, our goals, and ultimately our life. All is possible. All has different degrees of concentration and effort, but it is possible and ALL is created. Therefore, look out at life as a chance to thrive and be more of what is already here. Because it CAN happen and the likelihood is not gone. You are unlimited in your options and your possibility is forever present. Lets get past the limited, the framework that keeps you “boxed” and begin to see past, to see the endless opportunities here and now.

Possibility means there is always room; there is always space to form new things, to experience something different, and to believe in the incredible. And we may not know when it will happen but we do know that it will come. So live forward, and life with possibility!


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