About Me

Hi, I’m Coy Brown and I live to inspire and encourage others.

This is my story:

I always knew I wanted “more” for my life. It started during my collegiate career — I was a Division I student-athlete, but that never satisfied my definition of success. I didn’t have any desire to play in the NFL and I just wanted a way out, a way to live the life I truly wanted. As I matured through my college experience, I began to gain a new perspective. I found solace in reading, and dove headlong into book after book that expanded my horizons and gave me hope. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill were specifically inspirational to me. New ideas began to spark in my mind, and it felt like there was a new world around me. At this point, I felt reassured that I would find my way to a fulfilled life, but I still wasn’t quite there yet. 

As I approached my junior year of college, I had a radical idea. What if I left the college-athlete life behind and devoted my life to inspiring others? What if I started a business that could bring value and hope to people’s lives? What if I went after this passion?

I grappled with these questions for some time, but there were things holding me back. Ever since I was a child, I was described as positive and outgoing — I was sure to succeed in life! But as a first-generation college student, what would my family think? Would they think I’m throwing away my opportunity for a “good life”?


There were many reasons I should stay at college. But that radical idea kept nagging at my mind. I grew more and more unfulfilled with college life, and as I weighed my options, the desire to leave burned stronger. If I stayed, I would live up to everyone else’s expectations… But I knew that’s not the life I wanted.

Was I scared? Yes! I feared the unknown, and honestly didn’t know if it was going to work out. I had never done anything like this before. I didn’t know if anyone would support my decision to go against the grain. Doubts swirled endlessly in my head, in a constant flurry of pros and cons.

Finally, in 2014 I made the decision to change the course of my life. I chose to pursue my heart mission. I pushed fear and uncertainty to the side, and made the leap, leaving my Division I school for a chance to follow my dream.

That’s when real life hit. And fear seeped back into my thoughts… How am I ever going to succeed? Where do I begin? Can I even do this? These thoughts overwhelmed me, and I found myself working in sales for the next two years. But as it turns out, that time was not wasted. 

During this time I had the opportunity to learn from top leaders, I traveled across the US, and was mentored by the world’s top prosperity coach, Bob Proctor. My time with Bob was incredibly formative. Bob shared his deep insights with me, teaching me about the mind, how it functions, and how humans can reprogram our mental faculties to our benefit, leading to prosperity and well-being. It was life changing.

After this time of growth and mental preparation, I was equipped and ready to fulfill my passion. With new resolve, I stepped into my true life-calling of empowering others.

As I reflect on my journey thus far, I know these years have set me on a new trajectory in life. I went from having an idea, to becoming that idea, to now sharing that idea with the world around me. I am living my purpose and seeing the fruits of my labor. Free from the mental bondage that held me back for so long, I now have the privilege of inspiring hope.

What motivates me is my desire to help those who are lost. I want people to understand why negative things keep filling their lives and how to change that pattern. We all deserve the beauty of mental freedom and clarity of thought. And we can have it. I love witnessing the joy that comes from this holistic change, because it reminds me of my own transformation. I fulfill my passion by helping each person shift the way they think, feel, and do in order to live the life they deserve. To live the life they love. To live the life that brings freedom.

 I currently live in South Bend, Indiana, and have a beautiful 3-year old daughter.