Purpose I recently had the opportunity to speak in Michigan, and what I spoke about was of vital importance. It was the idea of finding out your true purpose. Andrew Carnegie calls it “Definiteness of Purpose”. It is the process of identifying exactly what you want in life and committing to it. As easy as … More Purpose

You Never Know

You Never Know Possibility. What comes to your mind when you hear that word? Hope? Inspiration? Potential? Think about it. Because, as we move along in our lives there is a feeling that there is more we can do. There is more we can accomplish, be, and give to humanity. You see, according to Google … More You Never Know

Learning About You

Learning About You Sometimes we don’t want to learn about ourselves. We feel as if it is an interrogative process, which at times it can be but what we’re really doing is discovering our true self. We are self-reflecting and being honest with ourselves. In other words, we are facing reality and coming to the … More Learning About You


Experience I frequently find myself asking individuals that I sit down with, “What do you want to experience?” What is it that you truly want to do? Are you living a life worth experiencing? That’s the key thing: EXPERIENCE. Now, I am sure you’re aware that I am not referring to the experience that is … More Experience