Development What does this mean to you? Well, we often here development through corporate verbiage or work programs. We are passively told it is something we should do if we want to further our careers. Additionally, if you play sports you may hear coaches or parents talk about developing their kid’s skills. To increase their … More Development


Community What does an ideal community look like to you? Is community an important factor in your life? I want you to really think about that, because in today’s world the idea and word community is becoming more prevalent than ever. We need strong, upbeat, and forward thinking communities to not only uphold our so-called … More Community


Purpose I recently had the opportunity to speak in Michigan, and what I spoke about was of vital importance. It was the idea of finding out your true purpose. Andrew Carnegie calls it “Definiteness of Purpose”. It is the process of identifying exactly what you want in life and committing to it. As easy as … More Purpose