“Last semester Coy Brown spoke to my Freshman Academic Writing class about the power of changing our thinking to change our behavior. He was fantastic. The students were truly engaged with his personable and humorous style of speaking. His talk also nicely correlated with my class’s current discussion about the walls we put up (based … More Holly


“The first time I met Coy, I could tell he was passionate about the messages he conveyed to his audiences. He has a great story to tell and couple that with a larger than life personality, you are left with a very dynamic speaker. The first time I was privileged to attend a talk led … More Kevin


“It is an honor work with Coy Brown III. We have only known each other not that long. But in that time I have grown to respect him and see this young man work with different types of groups. Always looking for the best in people and treating them with the upmost respect.” – Paula … More Paula


“I happened to meet Coy at a local networking event, where he was working the crowd like a true professional. Eventually seeing him on all of my social platforms I had to make an appointment to introduce myself and get to know more about the excitement he exuded. I loved hearing about Coy and his … More Brandon