“I happened to meet Coy at a local networking event, where he was working the crowd like a true professional. Eventually seeing him on all of my social platforms I had to make an appointment to introduce myself and get to know more about the excitement he exuded. I loved hearing about Coy and his background molding into the person and sports all-star others wanted him to be – but it was not until he moved towards his true passion that you were able to see him truly come alive. Coy has a passion for speaking to inspire and help others. I was privileged to hear a short teaser trailer at a local networking event where Coy presented; it has been since then that I have been itching to hear a full speaking engagement. Coy dives in to his material, to fully understand his message and presentation to help others realize their full potential and how to find their passion. When looking to book a small, midsize, to large event – look no further.”

-Brandon Williamson, Insurance professional, Summers Insurance Agency, Mishawaka, IN