The Beginning

You have the power already within yourself to do amazing things. I know, because I found that power for myself. As a former college athlete, I lost my sense of direction in life. But then I met Bob Proctor, scholar of the human mind and influential leader of the Proctor Gallagher Institute. I had the opportunity to be mentored by Bob for several years, and now I am on a mission to help others orient their lives. I’ve walked that journey, and I want to help you shift the way you Think, Feel, and Do so that you can be the person you want to be and align with the path you are meant to pursue. My name is Coy Eldridge Brown III, and I believe You Deserve to Win.


You Deserve to Win, LLC challenges you to change. It starts with awareness of the holistic self through guided discovery, followed by a shift in thinking about who you can be, and leads to a life of empowerment and success. Shifting the way you Think, Feel, and Do.


Through a fuller understanding of the internal self we have the power to write a new narrative with our lives. If we understand our mental and spiritual self, we can apply that knowledge through actions to set us on the right path towards the future we deserve. 

I believe that mental development and education about our mind inspires hope and enables self-awareness, drawing us closer to all-around mental, physical, and spiritual Well-Being. I am greatly inspired by these words of Thomas Troward:

“Of course, they are right to put before them an ideal infinitely grander than anything they have yet attainted—the only possible way of progress is by following an ideal that is always a stage ahead of us—but the mistake is in not seeing that its attainment is matter of growth, and that growth must be the expansion of something that already exists in us, and therefore implies our being what we are and where we are as its starting point. This growth is a continuous process, and we cannot do next month’s growth without first doing this month’s; but we are always wanting to jump into some ideal of the future, not seeing that we can reach it only by steadily going on from where we are now” 

We are all capable of achieving what we desire. We deserve to win in life.

Why Choose “You Deserve to Win”?

The strategies I share are the methods that helped me transform my own life. After studying under world-renowned speaker and life coach Bob Proctor, I have made it my personal goal to share these insights and help others achieve what they desire. You see, I can help you understand why you’re getting the results you’re getting, whether that be in your relationships, your career, or your health. I meet you where you are mentally, listen carefully, and help you elevate yourself to your greatest desires. When you understand your mind and spirit, you have the power to shift your paradigm and embark on the life you were meant to live.